Updates – 02.07.17

The last few weeks have seen the premieres of several new pieces: Die Nächte in Berlin for mezzo-soprano and ensemble (written in collaboration with Austrian writer Raphaela Edelbauer) was performed at ‘The Ditch’ in Shoreditch on the 15th of June, Humming-bird for voice and piano was performed at the National Opera Center in New York on the 23rd of June, and Ill-Tempered for two pianos tuned a quarter-tone apart was performed by Duo Ex Libris on the 27th of June as part of the piano festival at the Royal Academy of music.

Robin is currently continuing work on his piece Zorthern for Accordionist Luke Carver Goss and members of the Royal Northern Sinfonia, which will be released on NMC Recordings and premiered in January 2018. In the meantime, he is planning a concert on the 13th of September at the Royal Academy of Music, that will include a new work for Pierrot ensemble, as well as existing pieces by Dmitri Smirnov, Philip Herschkowitz, and Anton Webern.


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