h o m e     w o r k s     e v e n t s     n e w s     c o n t a c t



Zorthern for solo accordion and six players 11’  pre-order
Verlernt for five players 12’ 
Die Nächte In Berlin for mezzo-soprano and five players 10’ 
Five Inventions on 1936 for solo piano 9’   


In Feyre Foreste for five recorder players 7’ 
1936 for two narrators and fifteen players 20’
Movado for large orchestra 7’  


rubecula, electroacoustic 50’  listen


The Man Who Woke Up, opera in one act 30’ 


Lago for solo clarinet, harp, and strings (2017) 5’
Songs for voice and piano (2012-ongoing)
Ill-Tempered for two pianos tuned a quarter-tone apart (2017) 3’ 
Thou Toad, Thou Toad for choir (2016) 3’  
Limoncello for solo cello (2016) 3’  
Pale for accordion and string trio (2016) 4’  
Three Littul Ayres for tenor and lute (2016) 3’ 
Pluto and Proserpine for soprano, bass, and six players (2015) 5’


detailed list of works