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1936 - 2016 - 20’
For two narrators and large ensemble ( - - perc*.pno -

*pedal bass drum, 3 tom-toms, snare drum, 2 bongos, 4 roto-toms, conga, claves, woodblock, hi-hat

Commissioned by East London Music Group.
Text compiled by Joseph Hardy.

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1936 tells the story of “The Battle of Cable Street”, a particularly turbulent episode in the history of East London. On October 4th of the titular year, a uniformed march through the East End was planned by Oswald Mosely, leader of the British Union of Fascists. In opposition were thousands of anti-fascists, who took to the streets to prevent the march from taking place. There was, however, never any real confrontation between the fascists and their opponents; an army of police prevented the two groups from ever clashing. However, those opposing Mosely ultimately prevented him from completing his march, in what is generally regarded as a historic victory against fascism. This piece of music was written for the occasion of the battle’s eightieth anniversary, but should not be seen as an attempt to cement the event into the distant past; the issues and tensions involved are just as pressing today as they were then. -
Robin Haigh