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Kalimotxo - 2018 - 6’
For clarinet (Bb) (or viola) , harp, and double bass

Commissioned by The Hermes Experiment.

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Kalimotxo is an alcoholic drink popular in Spain, particularly in the Basque region, consisting of equal parts red wine and cola. This mixture of the ancient and traditional with the sugary and modern is comparable to the sardana, a genre of Catalonian wind band music that accompanies circle-dances, and which juxtaposes potent and ancient sounding Catalan shawms with unabashedly schmaltzy light-music harmonies. Every piece of sardana music begins with the same quasi-improvisatory introduction known as the ‘introit’, which is played on the flabiol, a very high pitched instrument similar to a recorder or tin whistle, and in my piece this is transformed into a melodic gesture that is heard at the beginning and constantly throughout the work. - Robin Haigh