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NO ONE: Volume 2 - 2022 - 5’
For harp

Premiered by Milana Zaric in 2023.

NO ONE: Volume 2 was commissioned by Bangor Music Festival.

NO ONE: VOLUME 2 acts as an expansion upon the three short pieces included in the 2020 harp work No One, originally commissioned by Presteigne Festival and performed by Oliver Wass. This new volume consists of a pair of miniatures labelled IV and V, which continue to explore the microtonal possibilities of the instrument, albeit through different means to the earlier set. The programme note for the 2020 work of which this new volume now forms a part is as follows:

No one:
Absolutely nobody:
Literally not a single soul:
Not one of the sheep:
Nor a single cyclops:
Nor Polyphemus:
Not Odysseus:
Nor his crew:
Nor Homer:
No one: