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SLEEPTALKER - 2021 - 8’
for orchestra ( - - 2perc*.pno/cel.hp - strings)

*bass drum, snare drum, vibraphone, whip, 5 temple blocks, suspended cymbal,  tubular bells

Premiered by the London Philharmonic Orchestra and Jack Sheen at the Royal Festival Hall on the 30th of June, 2021.

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SLEEPTALKER is about dreams, as metaphors for predictions of the future. Like our dreams, predictions are hazy, ungraspable, often fearsome. Both are built out of our perceptions of events of the past and present, uncanny reflections of things that have been. This is what the music in SLEEPTALKER means to me; dreamlike, clouded visions of a future both unknowable and inevitable. - Robin Haigh

"The beginning was like the theme tune to some lost 1970s Radio 2 series, but this familiar object was placed in an engagingly odd landscape of modernist fragments and other musical memories. [...] The seriousness of all these composers, and the sympathetic playing of the orchestra [...] was an inspiration.“ - The Telegraph