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SUONATORE - 2021 - 10’
For solo piano and string orchestra (

Winner of the 2021 Dante Moro Composition Competition. Premiered on 29.12.21 by Dolomiti Symphonia Orchestra, Silvia Tessari (piano), cond. Delio Cassetta

In SUONATORE, inspired by Dante Moro’s sculpture of the same name, I wanted to evoke the playful serenity of the figure, while also building towards the immovable solidity of sculpture as an art form. Like Moro’s act of sculpting existing materials into powerful and expressive artworks, I wanted in this piece to sculpt an expressive piano part that captures the nature of the mercurial Suonatore, gliding over the top of roughly hewn materials that originate in my earlier works, presented in the strings. The result is a new work that hopes to combine moments of tenderness, brutality, expressivity and humour in a wild interplay between soloist and orchestra. - Robin Haigh