Samoyeds - 2018 - 7’
For string quartet

Written for the Ligeti Quartet for their scheme at the University of Sheffield.

Ligeti Quartet
Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds

Ophelia Quartet
National Concert Hall, Dublin

Ophelia Quartet
Mallow Arts Festival, Cork

Ophelia Quartet
West Cork Chamber Music Festival
Ophelia Quartet (WP)
West Cork Chamber Music Festival

Ligeti Quartet (public recording session)
Firth Hall, University of Sheffield
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Samoyeds are a breed of large herding dogs with thick white fur coats. They were bred by the Samoyedic peoples of Siberia to herd reindeer, and generally have a friendly disposition. They are a basal breed whose fur can be used for knitting, and they are prone to howling together when in groups. - Robin Haigh