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Twenty One Minute Pieces -2018 - 20’
For sopranino/soprano(x2)/alto/tenor recorder, flute/bass flute, Eb/bass/contrabass clarinet, and percussion*

*bass drum, 2 congas, 2 bongos, tambourine, marimba (4.3),  5 temple blocks, woodblock,  3 gamelan gongs (Bb1, C2, Ab2)

Written for the London Symphony Orchestra’s Soundhub scheme, first performed on the 14th of July 2018 by Tabea Debus (recorder), Carla Rees (flute), Heather Roche (clarinet), and Paul Stoneman (percussion), at LSO St Lukes.

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Twenty One Minute Pieces is a variety performance for four musicians, in which a number of largely disconnected and disparate musical episodes are presented to the audience in various space and in many different styles. It contains music that may be familiar to some listeners, and music which may not be, and a number of the pieces contained within the work are influenced partially or entirely by existing pieces and musicians from the past and present.
- Robin Haigh